Xinjiang group tour -- July 2017

“Hi Inès,

After my trip to Xinjiang which you organized, I go back home absolutely delighted.

The landscapes are mind-blowing, and as they are some geological phenomenons, it takes indescribable dimensions.  
The places to visit are very interesting (cemeteries with desiccated mummies, Buddhist caves…)
No common places.

In the train I managed to do with the hard sleeper. 
The hotels: all great!!
The meals as well.

The weather was just great, almost scorching though. This wasn’t much of a change for me.

By the way, I recommend Air Astana for this destination. The flight times are good, as well as the service.

As we were only two, it turned into a VIP trip and we could do as we wished. Good car with AC, and timings were great.

My travel companion was great. A young Eurasian woman with a Chinese father and an Austrian mother who could translate in Chinese if needed.

Turpan guide was excellent, very cultivated, kind, and eager to share his knowledge.

It wasn’t the case of the next one. He would only do what was necessary to obtain the entrance tickets, pass the checkpoints, book the camels and other organization stuff. He was doing it very well, but he wouldn’t explain a thing. He even wasn’t very enthusiastic about answering our questions.

So, everything was perfect and I wanted to tell it to you, as I am really happy and in the future I’ll contact you for my trips. 

Have a nice day, see you soon,


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