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India… A short introduction isn’t enough to describe the mosaic of cultures languages, foods, customs and traditions that this country is composed of. India is a contrasting country that you either love or hate, as per the saying. In order not to end up with this last option, we’re here to guide you through this maze, through this enigmatic country made of deep contradictions. How is it possible to reconcile in one’s mind the majestic grandeur of the serene Taj Mahal with the frantic and messy agitation of nowadays’ cities? The deep religious and spiritual roots that launch so many ascetics on the roads, living with nothing, and the deep role of family links and casts among the majority who chose to keep a worldly way of life? The myth and the mud, the mystic beauty of spiritual enlightenment and the crude reality of life, that’s the combination from which every traveler to India has been trying to extract oneself from or has learned to appreciate.

Done with the philosophy talk, let us guide you through India’s wonders! The north will take your breath away with its superposition of Mongol, Muslim and Hindu cultures: with the Taj Mahal of course, Amritsar Golden Temple, old Delhi, Amber Fort or Wind Palace in Jaipur, Jodhpur blue city and fort, and palaces of dreamlike names such as Udaipur and Jaisalmer. The far north will be a complete change: after Darjeeling, you reach the Himalayas in Ladakh province and suddenly sink into the Buddhist culture of these small villages hanging up the cliffs and down the valleys, while you’re doing some rafting on the Zanskar river. If you’d like to experience the multitude, sink deeper into the mass for a vivid city stay, Calcutta or Mumbai won’t leave you indifferent. Culturally alive, these cities also hold the remains of India’s colonial past. For a more traditional and spiritual big city experience, Varanasi will show you how Hindu people treat the cycle of life and death.

Finally, the south of India will help you wind down and relax: strolling through the old charming streets of Pondichery, taking a traditional house-boat cruise on Kerala’s soothing backwaters, walking through the tea plantations of Munnar, or cycling amidst the hidden temples of Hampi, mystic ruins in the jungle and reminiscence of another India. And there’s still so much more… Ask us and we’ll shape the trip of your life!

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January to February / March

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