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Open to tourism and to the world since the end of the military junta in 2011, Myanmar is a country in total transformation. It is time to go and visit it before all the same brands of the consumerist world have changed the habits and customs of this remarkable people. The way of life is still mostly agricultural, and roads practically inexistent between across the whole of Myanmar: you’ll find out that local flights are the most common way for tourists to reach other parts of the country. But mostly, you’ll discover that Myanmar is a wonderfully beautiful country, whose people is also extremely friendly. You’ll get the chance to visit cultural sites and magnificent landscapes, accompanied all the way by helpful drivers, guides, and people on your way. The peak of your travel might be a tour in a hot air balloon over Bagan pagodas and temples; a local stay in Pindaya to discover the locals’ agricultural lifestyle and their care for more sustainable and organic practices; a cruise on the Irrawady river at sunset; a walk in the contrasting Yongon city (the capital); a pirogue trip on the beautiful lake Inle or a relaxing time at the superb Ngapali beaches. Anyway, you’ll be blown up by so much beauty and kindness in one country!

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Ethnies of Myanmar

Discover Myanmar amazing cultural heritage and rural life.

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Discover Myanmar

Discover Myanmar, its traditional way of life and Buddhist culture.

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