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An isolated country on top of the Himalayan mountains, Bhutan will take you in a wonderland of dreams and mysteries. You will discover its Buddhist faith, kept intact by the natural barriers of the mountain ranges. Intact as well is its natural beauty, as Bhutan’s ecosystem is strictly preserved by the country’s policy to regulate tourism. This mostly rural country also measures people’s happiness with a Gross National Happiness Index, and indeed you’ll discover that Bhutanese people are very friendly and welcoming, but alsoproud of their customs and traditions. The gateway to Bhutan, its capital city Timphu will help you understand Bhutan’s history, faith, and its constitution as a nation. Don’t forget to see the National Museum and the Chorten Memorial for a glimpse of the country’s history. From there, head towards Punakha, the ancient capital city of this small kingdom. Its amazing dzong, palace and fortress, isn’t to be missed. It is still today the king’s winter palace. Further in the mountains, we can help you reach the Haa valley: accessible only through the highest pass of Bhutan with a road (3810m), it is a perfect spot not only to get to know more about rural people’s way of life and customs, but also for a one or two days trek across the villages. You’ll get to taste authentic local food, explore less known monasteries and witness a different pace of life. To complete this journey, we suggest you to stay a day or two in Paro, for a must-see visit to Taktshang monastery, an impressive fortress made of several temples hanging dangerously over the edge of a cliff. 700 stairs will take there…rewarded by a view like nothing else! Of course there’s more to see in Bhutan, so just tell us your wishes and we’ll do our best!

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Discover Bhutan

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