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Central Asia's geography is often not well known and is referred as the Stans countries. Kyrgyzstan which was part of the URSS in the 20th century is one of them. This small country offers a great diversity in term of landscapes and for those interested in nomads life meeting the Kyrgyz shepherds will be an amazing experience. Kyrgyzstan, the land that will take you back centuries ago, when nomads lived in harmony with their flocks of horses, yaks, cows, goats and sheep, following them through the mountains from a pastureland to another. A beautiful cliché image, but one that hasn’t yet completely disappeared under the pressure of modern life and its rural exodus. Semi-nomadic Kyrgyz families still leave their winter village in spring in order to reach the higher grasslands with their flocks; they will stay there for the summertime, with no other accommodation than a simple yurt, alone in the mountains’ immensity. We can help you tour this amazingly beautiful and underrated country where people welcome you with such a kind heart (and usually huge banquets of shashliks and borsooks). Just ask for a horse ride on the shores of Son Kul lake; a day with an eagle-hunting master to discover this millenary practice; a trek to the remote Kel- Suu lake near the Chinese border; some time in the culturally diverse Bishkek or Karakol cities; some great time skiing across white mountains in winter; or even a “seaside-like” time on the beaches of Issyk-Kul lake. Kyrgyzstan has it all, so just go. If you’re adventurous enough, we can also offer you a trip to accompany the semi-nomad shepherds’ transhumance to and from the mountains’ grasslands in May and September. This, I assure you, will be the adventure of your life.

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First steps in Kyrgyzstan

6-day tour

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ski Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan ski tour

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Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan

Kyrgyz lakes to Uzbek forts

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Best seasons to travel

To lower altitudes

Spring & Autumn Bishkek, Issyk-Kul lake and around, Karakol, Osh…

To higher altitudes

Late Spring, Summer & early Autumn Naryn, the Tien Shan mountains…

For the skiing season

December to April

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