The Silk Roads

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Paths between Europe and East Asia have been set up for more than 2000 years. Since that time, merchants with many different cultures and languages have crossed central Asia and all the north-western part of China to reach Xi'An and further. Our Silk Road tours focus on several parts of the Silk Road in China: around Xi'An, along the Hexi corridor in Gansu province and to the far-west in the Muslim Xinjiang province. Craft your itinerary with us in order to explore theses different paths, cultures and history that all merged on the Silk Roads!


Kashgar, Karakul lake & Turpan

10-day tour

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Minaret Turpan

From Xi'An to Xinjiang on the Silk Road

Discover the Silk Road of China from east to west

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On the Gansu Silk Road

Explore the Hexi corridor on the Gansu Silk Road.

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