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Samarkand, a mythic stop on the Silk Road; Khiva, an antique fortified city known for its old mausoleums, medersas, and an irrigation system dating back to two thousand years BC; Boukhara, already a flourishing oasis when the Greek Alexander the Great conquered it on his way to India and still one the most beautiful places in Uzbekistan. These names are full of dreams and wonders; their history is so long that we can’t really manage to imagine everything that they’ve been through. Uzbekistan used to be a land for conquerors of the wild and masters of dry deserts; it is now a country for history lovers and memory seekers. Each ancient city is a museum in itself, and a cultural crossroad: Sogdians, Greeks, Sassanides, Mongols, Muslims, Turks, Arabs, Russians and Soviets have been successively dominating the region and its strategic cities. Apart from these amazing cultural relics, don’t hesitate to reach the countryside (mostly, the desert), to discover a more authentic side of the country, away from the tourists and beautifully preserved historic sites. We can help you reach Kyzyl-Koum desert and its old abandoned fortresses in the middle of nowhere; or explore the Ferghana valley, the most fertile in this area, where people have settled as farmers and craftsmen. There, you’ll discover the unique arts and crafts of Central Asia, as well as modern Uzbek people’s ways of lifes, cultures, and traditions.

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