SOUTH KOREA Often compared to Japan, South Korea is a less known country that keeps its culture and mysteries to those who are actually ready to discover them. It holds the two facets of an extremely modern, even futurist system to our Western eyes, and a more traditional aspect, where customs and rites are still important, as well as the connection to nature. Seoul and Busan, the capital city and second biggest, will fulfill your discovery of South Korea’s city life. More than just an ultra-modern city, Seoul is also the cultural and artistic heart of the country. Full of universities, it is also a young place filled with the dynamism of local and foreign students. Busan, however, is the perfect mix for a city close to nature: a port stuck between the sea and the mountains, if offers the joys of city life combined with the pure and fresh air of the ocean. People are also said to be more welcoming and spontaneous there, don’t hesitate to check! Besides the cities and their animation, reach South Korea’s countryside for a real plunge into a more local way of life. You’ll discover villagers’ customs, remote temples, and delicious gastronomy. Jeolla province especially is well-known for its rich and varied dishes, although it is a rather rural and poorer area. Everything comes more fresh and directly from the soil! Andong and Hahoe village will also show the traditional side of the country. For spectacular views and landscapes, we’ll take you to Jeju Island, a natural volcanic small island with beautifully preserved nature despite its many visitors. If you like trekking you’ll enjoy exploring Seoraksan national park, or the mountainy Gangwon province in the north. You’ll even get to know more about the old shamanic practices of this remote land…

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