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Nepal, the land of trekking, grazing mount Everest and other icy high summits. Only? No! Of course, in Nepal you’ll find the highest mountains in Asia, and we can help you organize your several-week long trek surrounded by rocks and glaciers. This would be the adventure of one’s life, but your trip in Nepal doesn’t necessarily need to be that physically intense. You can get intimate with the summits in other ways… Stroll around the old streets of Bakhtapur, a former rival city and kingdom of Kathmandu; each street corner will bring you a new temple or math to discover. It’s a beautiful maze to lose yourself in, and you’ll learn tons on Nepal’s history, ancient kingdoms, cultures, and fine arts. Experience the benefits of yoga and meditation on your body and on your mind; Nepal used to be a land of ascets and Buddhist monks, sometimes living in isolation in sacred caves. Nowadays teachers are there to continue with and transmit this millenary practice and philosophy. There’s nothing better than doing a sun salutation with a view on those high summits surrounding you… Finally, why not go for an easier, lower-altitude trek? Walking on larger paths, your trek will take you from a village to another and will be the best way in your trip to observe local life. In the fields with the buffalos, doing some craftswork, carrying huge baskets of leaves or branches, Nepalese villagers are always busy. But they always find time for entertainment, especially huge wedding parties and processions; their vibrant music will accompany you on the way. Maybe you’ll even stay at a local’s home!

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Nepal Gurung village
A great tour to the foot of the Annapurna range to discover its rural villages life and try a short trek

Villages of Pokhara

Discover rural life of Pokhara Gurung villages near the Annapurna mountains.

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A great easy trek around the Annapurna range Gurung villages

A week trek in Gurung villages

Explore the authentic and traditional life of this trek's villages.

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An 8-day tour in Nepal cultural basin and old kingdoms: Kathmandu, Patan and Bakhtapur

Cultural Nepal

Discover Nepalese culture ancient and modern in palaces and villages.

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To lower altitudes


To higher altitudes


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