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Manga lover? Or more the traditional tea ceremony type? Whether you prefer One Piece and Naruto, or the latest Everyday a Good Day by Tatsushi Omori (2018 movie about young Japanese girls discovering the art of tea), Japan is made for you. Tokyo will show you the huge modern city, the lights, the animation and kawai fashion everywhere; Kyoto will be the retreat to the old Shinto or Buddhist temples, the path back to centuries-old traditions and culture. On a longer trip, why not push to the iconic Fuji mountain? If you prefer more out the beaten path expeditions, you may be ready for Hokkaido island in the north to jump in an onsen (hot spring), or the meridional weather of Kagoshima in the south, with a small trek on Sakurajima volcano. On the way, don’t forget to try sleeping in a ryokan, Japan’s traditional and typical inn, for an unforgettable tatami night.

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Best seasons to travel


Spring (April to mid-June) & autumn (especially mid-October to mid-November)

Tropical islands

the Ryukyu islands such as Okinawa: winter is better with mild temperatures & less rain

For the skiing season

December to February

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