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An underrated country in South-East Asia, Laos is completely worth the visit. You will enjoy its laid-back atmosphere: people here have a different rhythm in life. Why do or earn too much when you can rather just be? Laotian people will maybe impress on you their own vision of time. Laos is also a perfect place for both cultural visits and nature discovery. In Vientiane, the country’s capital city, you’ll visit magnificent temples like Pha That Luang or Vat Phra Keo. In Luang Prabang, the former royal city, you’ll taste the charm of former colonial architecture. Khmer, Hinduist, Buddhist, French, Communist: the country received many influences over the course of centuries. Nevertheless, thanks to its low density of population, Laos stayed a country for nature lovers. It still holds primary forests. You will have time to explore the hidden paths of the country, take a boat cruise on the Mekong river, do some kayaking in Vang Vien, do some rock climbing, trek to the Bolovens plateau’s waterfalls or see Kuang Si waterfalls, or reach the archeological site of Wat Phou. Built between the 9 th and 12 th century, it will remind you of Angkor in Cambodia, but way less touristic! Just like the rest of the country, where you’ll always find an air of authenticity.

A 10-day tour to unknown Laos, between old colonial towns and jungle villages

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Explore Laos and soak in its laid-back and authentic atmosphere.

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