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If you’re looking for pristine white beaches, turquoise ocean waves, and luxuriant coconut trees, the Philippines might be your next destination. But beware, you need to choose your destination among some 7000 islands! Far from the agitation of Manila, we suggest you to reach Palawan and Coron island for the diversity of its submarine life, a multicolor crowd indifferent to the Japanese wrecks underneath the surface; or explore the small islands of El Nido, a paradise you’ll keep in mind forever after your return. If you’re looking for even more tranquility, the shores of Siquijor will warmly welcome you for a majestic stay. And if you’d like more cocktails and massages on the beach, then Boracay will satisfy all your desires, matched with an impressive white sand beach. Despite being known for its golden (or black) sand beaches, the Philippines have much more to offer. You’ll be as much stunned by the beauty of its tropical jungle forests, or its terraced rice fields! The latter cover the hills of Luzon island, where you can easily hike from a village to another. It is a great way to better get in touch with the local population during your trip. Then, the forest and its mysteries are waiting for you on Bohol island, where the Chocolate hills take you deep in the jungle as well as high on their brown tops for unparalleled panoramic views. From there, don’t forget to reach Loboc conservation area in order to discover its cutest animals, the tarsier. It is the world’s smallest primate, with huge eyes that can’t rotate by themselves: just like an owl, this little animal can rotate its neck in order to see in all directions… You must admit you just needed this last argument in order to reach the Philippines for your holidays!

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